Wild Friday: One Month Left?

YouTube seems certain the world is going to come to an end – again!  This time the apocalypse is predicted for September twenty-something, and everywhere you look there is proof of our imminent doom.  Here is a  video about the elusive and anonymous geurilla artist Banksy’s reveal of the  “tragic end” to our modern fairy tale:

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Wild Friday: Real Password Security

The Intercept’s Micah Lee says: A passphrase is like a password, but longer and more secure. In essence, it’s an encryption key that you memorize. Once you start caring more deeply about your privacy and improving your computer security habits, one of the first roadblocks you’ll run into is having to create a passphrase.… Read the rest

Worldwide Wednesday: Mayan Ceremony Video

Have you ever wondered about ancient traditions and ceremonies in the new world? My new friend Willy Barreno is a shaman of the Mayan people in Guatemala.  Today he has sent me a video of”one of our ceremonies in the highlands of Guatemala!… Read the rest

Vital Sunday: Emotional Health

Guy Winch says there are several things you can do to promote your own emotional help.  He says you should take action when you are lonely, and connect with others.  Change your response to failures, and give yourself a break.  After all, at least you tried! … Read the rest


Soapbox Saturday: What’s Being Removed From the Web?

The Chilling Effects database collects and analyzes legal complaints and requests for removal of online materials, helping Internet users to know their rights and understand the law. A project of Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Chilling Effects is an independent 3rd party research project studying cease and desist letters concerning online content.… Read the rest


Wild Friday: Facial Recognition is the New Norm

Blocking your face with your hand or hair won’t keep you from being tagged in a Facebook post. The company’s artificial intelligence lab cooked up an experimental algorithm that can recognize faces even when they’re obscured.

“There are a lot of cues we use.… Read the rest


Worldwide Wednesday: Mary Allan’s Cruise News

Mary Allan writes:

A friend asked me what was my favorite type of vacation.  The answer was easy…a cruise.

From an early age I went sailing in Canada with my father, and later my Uncle Lorne.  My family had always been sailors, whether on a sailboat or one of the ships of The Allan Line.… Read the rest


Vital Sunday: Farm Sanctuary from Animal Holocaust

Friend to animals everywhere, Chris Hedges writes:

WATKINS GLEN, N.Y.—There are mornings when Susie Coston, walking up to the gate of this bucolic farm in her rubber boots, finds crates of pigs, sheep, chickens, goats, geese or turkeys on the dirt road.… Read the rest


Wild Friday: Yes … The ARE Looking!

The Intercept assures us “the sheer quantity of communications that XKEYSCORE processes, filters and queries is stunning. Around the world, when a person gets online to do anything — write an email, post to a social network, browse the web or play a video game — there’s a decent chance that the Internet traffic her device sends and receives is getting collected and processed by one of XKEYSCORE’s hundreds of servers scattered across the globe.”

See how your internet activities are tracked and scored here.Read the rest


Thirsty Thursday: Dramatists Guild Scolds Insulting Call for Plays

In light of the controversy surrounding the submission process for Words Players Theater in Rochester, MN, the Dramatists Guild of America president, Doug Wright, wrote a response to the director Daved Driscoll.

Early last week, Donna Hoke, the Guild Regional Rep for Western New York, wrote a blog post lambasting the Words Players Theater for their egregious submission guidelines.… Read the rest


Worldwide Wednesday: Fly With An Astronaut!

Thanks to Ty Rossmellia, an article on my computer caught my eye, “Fly With An Astronaut at Kennedy Space Center”.  I’ve been almost everywhere else, why not space?

When I met my son’s father, he was working on the Apollo Space project in St.… Read the rest

Mother Earth Monday: Projecting Change on The Empire State Building

**Sign the Pledge for Wildlife** http://bit.ly/racingextinctionesb

Manta rays, 40 stories high. Blue whales swimming hundreds of feet above the city streets. The vision of Academy Award® winning, RACING EXTINCTION director Louie Psihoyos and world-renowned visual artist Travis Threlkel (Chief Creative Officer of Obscura Digital), this projection event on one of the world’s most iconic buildings will catalyze a movement to preserve the real treasure of our beautiful planet: its life.… Read the rest


Vital Sunday: A Sadhu Story

A sadhu under the instruction of his Guru built for himself a small shed, thatched with leaves, at a distance from the haunts of men. He began his devotional exercises in this hut. Now, every morning after ablution he would hang his wet cloth and the kaupina (loin cloth) on a tree close to the hut, to dry them.… Read the rest

Wild Friday: Disney’s Weather Control Center

It sounds as crazy as trans-dimensional lizards in possession of her Majesty, or Michael Jackson faking his own death, but to Disney the idea of controlling the weather was simply ultra-modern … like the monorail!  Today’s video shows how Uncle Walt and his talented studio staff envisioned the Weather Control Center of the Future where cloud seeding and altering the jet stream are used to steer hurricanes away from trouble spots.   … Read the rest

Worldwide Wednesday: The Travel Agent

Here’s an introduction to Mary Allan’s travel journals we have been featuring. Some of you have asked where these journals and memories come from. 

When you’ve been a professional travel agent, you are often invited on “fam” trips and cruises to familiarize you with a tour/cruise operator’s product. … Read the rest


Soapbox Saturday: Student Loan Mayhem!

A group of anti-debt camaigners pulled off a creative hoax on Monday by falsely announcing it had won a coveted prize offered by the nation’s student “aid” industry with this innovative proposal: “end student debt for good by making higher education tuition free for all.”

Debt Collective, which is a new debtors’ union that formed as an offshoot of Strike Debt, created a fake Twitter handle, blog post, and image announcing the group’s receipt of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators’ Big Idea award.

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Wild Friday: Did Amy Winehouse Refuse the Illuminati and Pay the Price?

Today Dr. Dan Von Icken shares his views on Club 27, so eloquently presented in a video detailing how mega rock stars seemingly fall victim to the lust, drugs and power that their adoring masses facilitate.  Furthermore, the secret occult puppet-masters cultivate that psychic and spiritual power to their own nefarious goals.  … Read the rest