Wild Friday:Chupacabra

   Have you met our Mascot, the Chupacabra?

Originally from Puerto Rico, she and her children have since populated the night-time terrors of all Mother of Latin America, including Miami and Tampa!

It came from outer space, or from Puerto cheap MLB jerseys You Rico. Is the Chupacabra, literally “Goat-Sucker,” a modern vampire or an alien pet? The AMATEUR jury is still out, but wholesale NBA jerseys sightings abound.

The Tale of the Goatsucker
When police arrived at the crime scene they had never seen such carnage. Lifeless victims – 69 in all – on lay strewn across Towards the yards of two families in Sweetwater, a heavily Hispanic neighborhood in south Miami. But it cheap jerseys was a Miami massacre with a difference – a cheap NBA jerseys case perhaps for Ace Ventura, Pet Detective.

The victims were all animals – goats, chickens, geese and Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys ducks. Who – or what – could have done Can such a dastardly thing? The killer, say police and a local zoologist, was a large dog. Wrong, say local wholesale jerseys residents. It was the chupacabras, the Caribbean’s very own wholesale jerseys Bigfoot, except this creature is a vampire-like predator whose name literally means “Goatsucker” in Spanish. *

Animals drained of blood and chupa-tracks have been seen in Mexico, Miami and other western realms. Is the Chupacabra to blame? Eye-witnesses say Yes! and there are even photos like the one above to prove it is real!

Real or not, Chupa-mania has spawned many websites Roundup and even a fan club. You can also buy plaster casts of clawed footprints and other gruesome souveniers online. Like the Roswell Incident, folks are cashing in on the Chupacabra Craze.

Does the Chupacabra exist? Surf around and YOU decide!