Soapbox Saturday:Honor The Princess Ban Land Mines

Some chose to honor her with music, but we encourage you to support Princess Diana’s most somber campaign, the Land Mine Treaty.     Click to Porannie learn how the late princess worked to help protect the children of the future from this senseless wholesale nfl jerseys weapon of domestic tragedy, and how you can use your voice to help end the terror of landmines.

di-mine2Hillary Clinton, representing the White House, Wearing said the best way to honor the late Princess Diana ???????? is surely to add your cheap jerseys voice to the others who are demanding a Global Ban on Land Mines.

Right now there are over 400 delegates from more than 100 countries meeting in Olso to solve this Hello horrible Global Blight on humanity. Ironically, there are indications that the US delegation was actually sent there to derail the treaty!

While many have worked since 1991to remove these devastating and mindless weapons from the face of the planet, others disagree. The radical cheap nba jerseys right propaganda group known as the Heritage Foundation has written on why the US should ignore the ban efforts and wholesale mlb jerseys continue manufacturing, using and (most importantly – SELLING!) landmines.

“There is a serious threat to this process,” Jody Williams cheap jerseys of the International Campaign to Ban Land Mines, said. “It is primarily my own country, I wholesale nfl jerseys am embarrassed to say, the United States, that has Steelers come here to try to force the world into the Cold War mold and do it the way it’s always done it.”

In a moment of reverence for Diana, the Oslo conference stood for silent reflection her efforts to draw attention to the 26,000 people killed or maimed kroppen by Wild land mines each year. It is a global problem affecting countries from Korea and Cambodia to Bosnia and Finland.

But many Free-5 important important nations are not present. Russia, China, and cheap mlb jerseys India are not participating in the talks, and the United States joined the negotiations only two weeks ago. The United States wants exceptions and Finland says it needs land mines to defend itself against the nuclear Superpower cheap nfl jerseys of Russia.

“I beg you not to make any exceptions. We have to be finished with land mines completely,” said Tum Channareth, a 37-year-old Cambodian who lost both legs to a land mine.

As Lady Diana’s sister urged at the funeral, do Biosphere not sit still and mourn, but take up Diana’s work and be comforted by her in that way. To do your part, send e-mail to the President of the United States today, and urge him to tell our delegates to support a cheap mlb jerseys total ban.

saturnbuttonThe International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL), Nfl launched in 1992, is coordinated by a steering committee of nine organizations Aeon including the Vietnam Veterans Foundation. It brings together over 800 human rights, humanitarian, children’s, peace, veterans, medical, development, arms control, religious, and environmental and women’s groups in over 50 countires who work locally, nationally, regionally, and internationally to ban antipersonnel (AP) landmines.