nancy Techie Tues 9-2-97

The universe is expanding. Maybe. Our understanding of the universe is expanding. Definitely. Practically every month, new theories about the origin and age of the universe are being announced. In just the past year, scientists have identified three new planets.

History of Science and Technology: Peer into our collection!

The Franklin Institute Awards

Institute Awards

View The Franklin Institute Award Laureates. The Awards honor science, engineering, and technology innovators from around the world.

Curricular Companions

Curricular Companions

Curricular Companions help 4th through 8th grade teachers implement the School District of Philadelphia’s Core Curriculum.

Dr. George W. Carver

The Case Files

The Case Files tell stories from the history of science, like that of J. Presper Eckert, Jr. (pictured) and John Mauchly, pioneers in large-scale computing.

Maillardet Automaton

The Automaton

The Institute’s Automaton, acquired in 1928, has been restored and is now on display in “Amazing Machine.”

Science Headlines

Science Friday