What Does It Mean?

What Does It Mean?
Daily Revolution

Are you paranoid yet? As if the world is not already filled enough with corporate scams, sloppy hackers and overweight stalkers, there is a web site that is sure to make you believe in imminent asteroid impacts, global economic meltdown and nuclear armageddon. Using real news stories to bolster her case, Sorcha Faal (an inherited title, not her real name) reports on the “true” goings on in the world of politics and science.

What’s great is that she links to important and overlooked news stories from around the world, with a focus on the erosion of human rights, environmental degredation and economic inequalities. There is also a good dose of natural disasters, political machinations and technology that misses the average evening news. I also like her selections of YouTube videos with great documentaries on the Federal Reserve and the 2012 “prophesies.”

Every few days Sorcha Faal comes up with an essay, riddled with links to news stories to support the “shocking truths kept hidden from the American public.” Sorcha Faal considers herself to be privvy to Russian intelligence and other sources to affirm a new North American Union, secret battles between American political factions and recently a report that the experiments with CERN may be knocking the Earth out of orbit. This is all serious(ly crazy) stuff!

This site is amazing for the plethora of links to news sources online from BBC to Al Jazeera to your local TV10. These unusual and often alarming stories are all covered by the press someplace, and it is a very useful resource for learning about the rest of the world, with most of the news links in other countries and special sections for Russia, China, England, Germany, Israel, Turkey, Brazil, the UN and the creepy “Classified Catacomb: Buried News Stories You Need To Know.” The news links are all from “reliable” sources but the way Sorcha Faal puts them together in her essays can truly send a shiver down your spine if you fall for such childish games.