Laughing in the Afterlife

Laughing in the Afterlife
Daily Revolution

A dear friend on the edge of civilization wrote in this week…

Yesterday we paid $3.96 per gallon of gas for shitty 87 octane. We can only afford to go to town every 3 or 4 weeks now instead of once a week. Go Bush! That **** won’t be happy until he’s used every gallon of gasoline on the planet to bomb every third world country to smithereens, just because the people who live there are not white. I’d hate to have that guy’s karma. At least he won’t be allowed to reincarnate after all that he’s done this time around.

“He won’t?”

No. Coming back is our choice.

Souls are encouraged to come back by our Guides to learn from our past mistakes, but for some, the damage they have done to so many others is so great that it is better to not risk causing even more by even one more lifetime. The energy of those severely damaged souls is dissolved. To be fair to Bush, a lot depends on what his motivation was for this war that he caused.

Most people in positions of great power are young souls; the older ones are not willing to incur the karma that a position of power would entail. You will find many old souls living in very modest means that cause little impact, on others and the environment. I don’t know how old mine is, but I just know that I’ve always wanted to be as far away from other people and as close to the earth as I could get.

I live so differently than most of the people in our country that it was hard to relate to a lot of it, so I don’t know how pertinent my answers would be. We are saying, “Let the economy collapse! Bring it on!!! As soon as possible, so people will reevaluate what is truly important!” I am concerned for the planet in the short term, but in the long term we will destroy ourselves and the planet will recover, as it has many times before.

I truly believe that things are actually progressing as they were meant to. I know that sounds really out of touch with “reality” as most people conceive it to be. And no, I am not concerned about what other people think of me and my views. It took thirty years of reading hundreds of books about the meaning of life for me to find the information I sought, but I finally found it in two books by Michael Newton called “Journey of Souls” (the first one he wrote) and “Destiny of Souls” (the follow-up).

They are about what it is like in the spirit world between lifetimes. I greatly encourage you to get them and read them. You will have a much greater understanding of your life’s purpose and why you have such a strong connection to certain people (which includes me!). The books are based on many case studies of hypnotic regression. One thing I found out is how we get together on the other side and laugh about how seriously we took ourselves on the planet. I look forward to laughing with you about so many things! I did send a thank-you card to the dermatologist I went to with some skin-cancer humor on the front of it. Part of me is REALLY looking forward to going home, as much as I love the planet Earth.

I am OK with whatever my future holds. I love you always.