Techie Tuesday: Online Grades!

Daily Revolution

Usually it is the kids who seem to get the upper hand with technology. They zoom online with ease, chat, blog and text – while those over 40 sometimes seem techno-challenged by a VCR. (A what, Dad? Oh, you mean like an 8 track.)

Today, however, we share a technichal triumph of parents trying to keep track of thier children’s scores in school. Online report cards, attendance records and even behavioural notes are finding thier way to the worldwide web.

Nancy Rein can see that her daughter has been turning in her homework assignments or check on her test results. Mrs. Rein simply types in a web address and with her password she can check on her Cincinnati high school student’s progress. Of course, this means that hackers and other idiots might get at them too.

Systems such as PowerSchool, the program Campbell County schools use, allows parents, teachers, and students to check grades, attendance, progress and class schedules at any time from any PC. Similar Web-based programs include LetterGrade, K12Planet, and ParentConnectxp. Indian River County public schools is using another system eSembler as their web-based gradebook.

Students beware!