The Supper Club

The Supper Club
Daily Revolution

Even the most homogenized family has the black sheep. You know the one. Just when Christmas dinner is going so well, that family gadfly oh-so-innocently tosses off the first volley. Then, like a sick whirlwind, dinner devolves into all out political war. Mix hippies with soldiers at the same table, and fireworks are guaranteed for the Fourth of July Picnic.

Or perhaps you personally eschew dialectics during dinner. Who could blame you? The argument is fun to observe however, when sparring partners are scientific experts and Each week, Supper Club lets viewers be a fly on the wall at a dinner party where ever-effervescent Tom Bergeron (former host of America’s Funniest Videos) plays referee to four famous guests as they banter over news and events in the green milieu. Dinner guests include actors, authors, politicians, journalists and scholars who debate with authority. The dinner they share is, of course, a green treat and serves to temper termpers and provides a change of subject when the Supper Clubbers heat up.

Akasha Richmond shares tofu secrets in one episode. Her restaurant is made of various recycled building materials, the furniture is made of organic leather and hemp fabrics, and even the menus and to-go products are biodegradable, and she raised her daughter to be a vegetarian from birth. Richmond’s dinner bridged differences of opinion between two guests in particular.

Dr. Heidi Cullen is a climate scientist and host of The Climate Code and works with the Google Foundation on alternative energy. Larry Elder is an author and radio host who says global warming is supposed to happen and Al Gore is just causing hysteria. Suprisingly, the two of them found a common ground during the episode, which was peppered with observations on hunting by Ricky Schroeder and Dancing with the Stars reflections by Bruno Tonioli and Bergeron.

Check the chats on that new station, Planet Green. Most of the content on this channel seems to be stretching the idea of pertinent, but Supper Club is always on topic.