As I fed my new shredder old tax records, I spent a day watching the Dr. Who tv series, and realized that he’s never, ever had an American companion with him in the Tardus.  Through all ten of the Dr. Who reincarnations, I’ve watched fascinated by the special effects and the fact that none of his travelling companions have fit a mold – black, white, blonde, red haired – it’s great!  The first companions were the doctor’s real granddaughter and a school teacher.

Although almost all of the filming is done in Wales (Cardiff), one can be on the moon, gazing at the Statue of Liberty, attending a Shakespearan performance (with the Bard in view) at the original Globe Theatre in London or tumbling across the galaxy in the Tardus (a British call box).

I don’t know how comfortable the Tardus is because they don’t seem to sleep, eat or shower, but then if I’m his companion I probably don’t have to worry about that!  Sadly, for all of us, the present Dr. Who (portrayed by Scotsman David Trennant) the 10th doctor, is the last of the Time Lords.

The first Dr. Who reminded me of a friendly undertaker, ergo: not very “human friendly” and the kind of an alien whose travel companion I would not be.  The 7th, with his marvelous open-air green jelopy had, according to my last husband, been married some nine times.  He’d met Jon Pertwee in a pub outside London.

Then came the strange, almost brash Dr. Who in the white suit, Peter Davidson.  He was far too young in appearance (despite eons of “Who” experience) to remain in my thoughts, and he didn’t last very long.

And, oh, the Dr. Who (Tom Baker) with the long, multi-colored knit scarf!  Remember, in the Guinness Book of Records, this is the longest running science fiction program in the world.

The Christmas special this year, “Voyage of the Damned”, may be my last chance to be his travelling companion.  David is a breath of fresh air – especially the high top sneekers.  Farewell Tardus, farewell beloved Doctor…