TRIP TO MARS…WHY NOT? by Mary Allan Mill

Charlie, my son, drew my attention to the website  Yes, I’m a sci-fi fan from ‘way back – Saturday children’s matinee at the Tivoli Theatre in St. Louis.  My father loved Westerns.  I’d sleep through Tex Ritter or whomever, and wake up for Buck Rogers.

My son’s father (an aeronautical and electrical engineer for former WW2 Flying Tiger) was brought to St. Louis by McDonnell Douglas to work on the Apollo and Gemini space projects.  In an atmosphere of science fact and not fiction, I learned so much and could tell no one.

When British Airways’ Concorde came out, I hopped aboard headed for London.  I sat staring out small windows into a black world, watching the Mach-O-Meter go from 1 to 2 to 3.  Now, the Concorde’s gone and my only recourse is Sir Richard Bronson (Virgin Atlantic) who is working on outer space flights for the future.  However, the Mar’s website is keeping me going.  It offers 1, 2 or 3 bedroom condos along with “Virtual Deeds” for units…the ultimate gift for someone.  There’s also a bi-monthly newsletter for “citizens” (need to have a condo deed to participate).

What’s life like on Mars?  One featured story told of the Parks Department’s deep concern about “a rash of boating accidents” in the Canal Basins.  Seems citizens with the new model 252 aquapods are exceeding safe speed limits following a visit to Kronton’s Night Club after hours, and crashing.  Life’s tough all over…