The Doomsday Quandary

We faced each other over my “works in progress table.”  The previous night I’d watched several repeat TV shows on 2012, and now I wanted to talk it through.

Pyramids have always fascinated me beginning in Cahokia, Illinois at the famous “Mound City” of the American Indians.  Their burial rites were somewhat similar to Egyptian and Mayan ceremonies.  To me, the mound was nothing more than a modified pyramid.

I backpacked through Chichen Itza, Tulum, Uxmal and Palenque continuing to Belize.  There was a common thread here.  As I trudged through Greece and visited the beehive pyrimids of Professor Mylanos a picture took shape and   Egypt all of the way through to Sudan brought my sphere of knowledge full throttle.

Despite the warnings of soothsayers, nobody knows what will really happen in 2012.  They give us a long list of possibilities which remind me of a new game of “spin the bottle”.  Maybe it will be a flu pandemic, a time travel error, machines will turn against us…aren’t these all movie plots?  Perhaps there will be a magnetic pole shift, a new ice age or our solar system will fall apart (super glue may not help)?

Under all the “survive” information came the concept that we should build modified, fortified pyramids as our home away from home, and thus possiblity avoid cosmic rays.  Okay, that makes perfect sense.  We now have vaster (note I didn’t say better) worldwide lines of communication.  However, unless something is explosive in nature, the media isn’t interested.  On one TV program they pointed out that with the extensive dissimulation of cyber information it can be harvested and used against us.

So, what about the Mayan Calendar?  I’ve see it, and been impressed.  But as advanced and intelligent the Mayans were, they were also beastial in their killings, with a bloodlust next to none to maintain power.

And then, there’s the arrival of an anti-Christ.  I had begun to watch he President addressing Congress.  What if…?