Joyously, no matter where you roam, the race to green the environment is on.  Our slowed economy has affected it to some degree.  One of the main concerns is traffic on roads and highways, gas emissions being one of the core sources of pollution.  On a TV program covering Korea, they pointed to their restoration of rivers, streams and waterfalls which they feel will purify the air.  Only time will tell if it works because so much of the population has been relocated, and it has had a downtrend on the lower income merchants. No mention was made of “fossil” fuel pollutants from cars nor the redesigning of engines.

In England the train system has been made “green” and carries much of the nation for longer distances as the Brits do not have an abundance of private cars.  They also have an excellent bus system.  Within the Tampa Bay area we see bus service cut-backs and routes being combined.  A fast rail system concept died an early death.

We’re not a nation of walkers, rather preferring the comfort and ease of going from place to place easily.  My doctors, shopping mall, grocery store and office are too distant to walk, so I understand.  Most of us, by the very nature of the beast,  have to drive and continue the pollution problem

Frank Lloyd Wright had proposed long ago, to build an “inner city” in Chicago where people could live, shop, work and be entertained without leaving the area or using a car.  And Chicago has the “L”, the elevated train service which was available nearby.  Then came the suburbs, and the move was away from the city or town.

I don’t drive in London, Rome or Paris, but I adore the autobahns  of Germany with someone passing me at 120 mph!  Mexico City with no emission control laws (last time I checked) greets you at the airport with an eye-stinging, yellow haze that continues until you leave.  I took the Aerial Tram over the Rain Forest in Costa Rica.  The glorious birds and butterflys were all there, but I could see bare spots where the “jungle” had been cut through and I wondered about ecotourism.  Along the ocean more and more condo developments and hotels were being built.  Where there had been heavy rains, there were huge mud slides.  The trees and landscaping that might have saved it, were gone…

We are the cause with our greed, self indulgence and total disregard for the fine balance of nature.  We have to reestablish that balance realizing, one and all, nation to nation. that substainability is imperative.