THE ALPHA DOG by Mary Allan Mill

A former roommate of mine at boarding school recently passed away, and I found that her daughter is “The Dog Whisperer” for Belgium.  I have several friends in this country who watch the television program, and have raved about the concept.

As they point out “…often dogs confuse signals as to their role in our ‘pack’, and usually think that they are the Pack Leader instead of us.”  It’s a matter of our becoming the “Alpha Dog” through Amichien Bonding giving you simple tools to allow your dog to elect you as the leader.  A friend of mine who has a “dear little dog” capable of destroying her home when she’s out, jumps up on guests, barks all the time and has other obsessive behavior has, through this training, become a model citizen.  In other words, it works.

Marina, in her area, provides one-to-one consultations, complete with back up e-mail and/or telephone service to work with you based on your commitment to assist your dog to a happier life.  The organization also has DVDs for “show and tell”.

The organization has also promoted programs at Yellowstone in the saving of young wolves there helping to transform our understanding of the natural world.  Since my two pugs are now in “dog” heaven, it pulled on my heartstrings to surf through the fascinatng pages of pictures and stories which we wish to share with you.