I write blogs for a women’s website, and every day my horizons expand.  Sue Ann, who is an excellent blogger, passes along interesting information.  Today, I learned about Wizard Academy (founded in 2000 –  and having nothing to do with Harry Potter)  in Austin, Texas.  Sue Ann attended their “business school for the 21st Century.

Facing an 8% unemployment factor, those of us who are no longer “kids” realize that we have to upgrade our skills.  Sue Ann’s group of 17 included business owners as well as people who worked for them.  There was someone in the group who, after 30 years with a company, had just been handed a severance package.

Wizard Academy has only one campus.  Many of their seminars/courses are sold out (website is, and if you check their site you’ll find that they develop new curriculums based on new ideas and technology.  As a result of their research being ongoing, they are visited by many of the world’s trailblazers and pioneers in thinking.

They teach you how to make the right decision before all the data’s available, and they point out that the big fish are no longer eating the little fish.  The fast fish are eating the slow.  You learn how to be a fast fish.

People are attracted to Wizard because they, too, want to make education become “a practice of freedom, the means by which men and women deal critically and creatively with reality and discover how to participate in the transformation of their world” – Paulo Freire.

Sue Ann’s days were long, but didn’t seem so.  I understand the thirst for advanced thinking mixed in with a heady sauce of ever growing technology.  Let’s hope that there is a Wizard to expand our future horizon.