The End of American Slavery?

Kidnapped, imprisoned, shackled, transported across the ocean stacked like cargo, sold into slavery, tortured, raped, murdered,. That list is just a preliminary survey of the atrocities against the people of Africa, ancestors to many current citizens of the United States of America.

The stories continues well past the official abolishment of legal slavery in the US: segregation, KKK, Tuskegee.   For the student of history a true litany of offenses swiftly prove that African Americans were repeatedly and consistently wronged.  There is no equivalent “holocaust denial” for the truth of American history, here at least, is plain.

As a nation, the USA has struggled with the appropriate responses, inching along from abolition to integration as teh collective ethos shifted perspective and policy.  Recently there was the 2008 House Apology and calls for reparations will no doubt continue.

But the service of an African American President certainly tips the scales.  Has the long road finally come to an end?  In his inauguration speech and in his actions, Barak Obama spoke to the challenges of all people. He spoke not from a position of victim, but of triumphant hero, there to prove that the light truly shines.  Has American finally found racial equality?