Since I’m a senior and now live alone, my daughter in Louisiana worried that I wasn’t getting a hot meal every day, and suggested that I find out about some of the food ministries in my area.

And so began a new learning experience.  I’d just finished writing a blog for another website.  It concerned noted ethnobiologist, Paul Nabhan’s lecture here recently about a future plagued by food security.  Nabhan mentioned that “There have been food riots in 32 countries in the last year.”  We are using food banks like these ministries and food stamps at levels never seen before.

Tampa Bay has “Somebody Cares” feeding families.  “Hunger Strike Force” is a program designed to bring thousands of pounds of food into our area to feed the hungry.  Their numbers equal feeding a mnimum of 25,000 people per month or 270,000 yearly.  The Angel Food Ministries are everywhere, and Calvary Chapel, St. Pete is collaborating with them to provide relief to the community.  Some of these ministries provide boxes of food to low income families for 50% of the retail price.  Others, provide the low price to those voluteers who donate their time to help.  There is a monthly “menu” and the menu may include three or more choices of food contents.

The Faith Outreach Center, Food Pantry Ministry in Tampa distributes food to hungry families on a weekly basis, and are now looking for funding to purchase a house in the Town and Contry area to establish a Homeless Outreach Center to provide food, clothing and showers.

Cornerstone Family Ministries is located in Tampa, and SHARE Florida Food Network is part of the group.  Volunteers here can buy discount food packages.

In a time of escalating food prices and job losses the need is greater than ever.  Ministeries are seeing people who have never had to ask for help, showing up on their doorstep needing help.  We should give our help as well.