I have a friend who says “never trust anyone who says they have no vices.” We are creatures of habit and it is too easy to fall into bad ones. Although I am not a religious person, I love yoga. While the Christian Bible gives it’s followers the 10 Commandments, in yoga, there are the Yamas and Niyamas, or Virtues and Non-Virtues. Basically, these are the things that one should aspire to and avoid.

People who know me now are surprised to learn that I used to smoke cigarettes. I tried to quit for YEARS. As long as I was frequenting bars and doing a whole lot of “hanging out,” quitting felt impossible. But once I started rock climbing and running, I found that smoking no longer fit in. Quitting smoking was hard, until I changed my lifestyle and replaced old habits with new ones.

Aspiring toward good habits and avoiding bad ones is a daily practice, and I don’t know anyone who has totally perfected this. But, I figure it is kind of like eating your veggies. It is better to eat a little bit than none at all.

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