Green Travel / Personal Note

As I have mentioned previously, I am making my annual trip back east shortly: I take the bus from southern New Mexico to Albuquerque, then I hop on Amtrak and do one leg from Albuquerque to Chicago (the Southwest Chief) and, after a very pleasant downtown layover, from Chicago to Massachusetts on the Lake Shore Limited.  The whole trip takes approximately 48 hours, and is incredibly pleasant compared to flying.  There is no security insanity; there is no hurry-up and slow-down; you get there when you get there, and if you can deal with that, it’s an amazingly relaxed and enjoyable trip.


The train is also one of the greenest ways you can travel.  I can’t recommend it enough.  I will also be filing some stories, post-trip, about my experiences, to give you a more intimate view of what train travel is actually like.  Do you have your own stories?  Let us know!