If you ask me what my favorite mode of travel is, without hesitation, I will answer that I’ll go anywhere, anytime by boat or ship.  To date, I’ve taken over 40 cruises in this country, Canada and abroad.  Flat out, I love to sail!

All ships and boats have a “soul”, and when you understand the spirit of a ship, it opens doors.  When does a ship receive that soul?  On its christening, of course.  And so it was June 5, 2009 that two Costa Cruises’ ships were christened at what was called “a massive party”.  The 114,500 ton Costa Pacifica and the 92,000 ton Costa Luminosa (the fleet’s first flagship) were christened together on a moonlit night in Genoa, Italy which has been Costa’ homeport since 1854.

That morning Costa VIP’s, along with dignataries from the area made speaches.  By cocktail time 9 planes of the Italian Air Force put on an airshow.  The piers were filled with residents and guests.  Red, green and white plumes were released skyward amidst cheers.  The sounds of the voice of the late Pavarotti’s Nessun Dorma filled the air.  In Italy, forget the champagne.  They toasted the event with prosecco.

4,000 guests attended a gala dinner prepared by two of Italy’s finest chefs.  The christening started at 11 PM with a show, “An Italian Portrait in Music and Light” starring Noa, an Israeli singe – he christened the Pacifica.  Valentine Vezzall (an Italian Olympic fencing gold medalist) christened the Luminosa.  Despite the fact that some questioned two ships being christened at one time, it was certified.

There were circus acts, cutting of the ribbons and two bottles of prosecco completed the celebration.  The ships are not twins, but both breathtaking.  The Costa Luminosa has more streamlined decor, but each is understated luxury and pleasure at sea.

Many thanks to Theresa Norton Masek, editor in chief of Vacation Agent Magazine for all of the information.  When are you going to run away to sea?