Many of you know that my son, Charlie, and I are sci-fi buffs.  It’s my fault having been a died-in-the-wool fan of Flash Gordon as a child attending Saturday matinees at the Tivoli Theatre in St. Louis.

Recently, Charlie drew my attention to The Crystal Star which he calls “a knock off” of ‘Star Wars’.  It tells of the ten years following Darth Vader becoming peaceful, and then dying in “Return of the Jedi”.  He enjoyed the book, but said, “You can tell that it was written by a girl because it was all about family, hugging and friendship stuff”.

Princess Leia had twins, and a boy named Anakin after Luke’s dad.  The children were kidnapped by one of Darth Vader’s Imperial Justices.  Luke and Han were off investigating a research vessel which was by a white dwarf that was about to fall into a black hole.  He added that, of course, being by a black hole reduced the Force considerably, so Jedi defenses were almost non-existent.

According to Charlie, “Some being from another universe had come through the black hole, and was drawing from Jedis near the hole to regain its strength in order to go home with the power from the Force”.  As my son mentioned, most of the story is about the twins trying to escape from their captors.  The twins were five, and Anakin was a brave three and a half year old.  Of course, the family dog (Six Legs) was cute, and defending them.

My son said that “the kids found not only were they part of a slave trade with a bunch of other multi-species children, but the Imperial Justice Representative was planning to train them for the Empire Reborn!  Ceethreepio, Artoo Deeto, Chewbacca and the cool starships were all there.  But Charlie missed the whole “Star War’s ” atmosphere.  This was a real family presentation complete with a friendly dragon who loved to play.  Princess Leia of Alderaan, Freedom Fighter, Destroyer of the Empire and Founder of the New Republic seemed to have been well represented.

Throughout the tons of science fiction books I’ve read in the past, there seems to be few female writers.  Maybe…just maybe, I should become an Alpha Female and try my hand at it?