If Chickens Ruled the World

Some people may think that chickens are stupid and harmless birds. These people have never observed chicken behavior on a close level.  Yesterday two of our six hens hatched out some baby chicks for the first time ever. The other hens proceeded to tear one of the chicks limb from limb in a vicious attack, before we were able to rescue it. We were able to rescue three other chicks, however, and separated them and their mothers from the other vicious chickens.


Observing chicken behavior can be entertaining, but this was downright horrifying. And the contrast – first there are these sweet hens laying on their eggs and hatching out and caring for and protecting these cute little fuzzy chicks, and then there are the other hens, tearing apart a little baby chick in the dirt. So, I found some good merchandise – a bag that says “WARNING, beware of the killer chickens.”

If chickens were the size of dinosaurs, there would be no human race.