The End of the World as we know it

2012 is the next 1999. A whole lot of people seem to believe that on 12/21/2012 we will experience the end of the world as we know it. This date is based on the Mayan calandar.

I remember New Year’s Eve, 1999. I avoided big crowds. It was pretty anti-climactic. Nothing really changed.  I had friends who had stocked up food and other survival items in their basement. They have since quit their religion, got divorced, and moved on with their lives.

There are plenty of books, websites, and even a movie out there about 2012, the Mayan calandar, predictions and prophecies, postulations and speculations. There is so much information out there about it, I would recommend going to the library to research if you are seriously interested.

I think an even more interesting question than “is the world as we know going to end in 2012” is “why do we seem to want the world to end?”