Do you believe in ghosts?

While no one knows for sure, people all over the world throughout time have had experiences of what they call ghosts. Do ghosts really exist? It all depends on how you define “ghost.” What are ghosts?

rational explanation is that our experience of ghosts, or paranormal phenomena, can be attributed to our evolutionary survival mechanisms. It is a way for us to explain things that we don’t understand. One scientific explanation is that what we experience as ghosts is actually caused by sound waves trapped inside of buildings.

For some reason, New England seems to have more haunted houses than the rest of the country. Paul Eno, paranormal investigator in New England, has some very interesting opinions on the subject. Paul Eno’s explanation of ghosts goes beyond the rational or scientific explanations, suggesting a whole new way of looking at reality as a multiverse.

Within the multiverse, parallel universes exist. It is a complex idea that has been around for a long time, it is just tough for a lot of people to understand, much less believe. Do you believe in the multiverse?