As a child, I went through the Panama Canal with my parents.  It was busy with ships from many parts of the world, making room for our ship of  The Red Star Line.

Now, I feel that I must return.  The Panama Canal is being expanded to almost twice its width, update and preapred for a new world of the 2000’s.  We visited Canaima Park near the Canal, and drove inland to see the falls.  There were only the very rich, and the very poor. 

Gamboa Rainforest Resort is nestled among the vast Soberaina National Park Rainforest, some 30 minutes from Panama City.  At last a fascinating and emerging part of the world!

You can take a boat ride or go fishing in the Panama Canal, they provide jungle adventures via an aerial tramway, take a visit to Monkey Island, do a bit of bird watching on Pipeline Road and enjoy kayaking at the Panama Canal.

The resort itself has a breathtaking pool and spa where you can kick back and relax, and it’s being called “stunningly beautiful luxury.”  See you there…