When I gave up the illusion that I am a normal human being, I became a seeker of truth and why things are often not what they seem.  Christmas Humphrey’s concept of Zen Buddhism was at first, difficult to comprehend.  It took a while to learn how to visualize a plain, white wall and clear my mind.

The Zero Point Field caused me to clear my mind again.  It presents a new confrontational yet inspiring concept with which I am at home because “it contains a blueprint of our existance.”  We’re all connected to each other by an endless sea of energy from man to matter according to Lynne McTaggart.  The “Field” is our alpha and omega.

Accepting that there must be a connection between mind and matter (although I have never been able to bend a spoon with my mind), I’m aware of the power of the energy of the mind.

As pointed out by Rene Descartes, “The human mind is separate from the lifeless matter we call ‘body'”.  We’re all aware of the survival of the fittest where only the strong survive, an evolutionary accident without any particular meaning.  It comes down to science vs. religion, and scientists are falling over their own interpretations.

Matter, to me, is held together by energy.  Einstein’s group couldn’t reconcile new discoveries in quantum physics with Newton in reality and created a scientific monster.  Zero Point Field may provide a bridge between spirituality and science.

Clinical studies on Salamanders showed they might have an unusually strong connection with the energy field around them as do humans.  Similar research done on clairvoyants gave startling proof when they were given co-ordinates of places, then without being there, each clairvoyant could describe the area.

Hall Puthoff of Stanford University concluded that time and space do not exist on the level of the Zero Point Field.  True?  Do past, present and future apparently flow together in the energy field?  Could time be a relative notion?

One human being is connected to another through energy, and together, we create reality.  Ergo: I am one with everyone and I understand the Zero Point Field…a bit.