Whenever I think I’ve lost my “edge” my son, Charlie, updates me!  He referred to Mind Before Matter as a “super cool book”.  Written by doctorate holders telling their stories from four different perspectives: science, philosophy, PSI (parapsychological phenomena) and communion.

As I commented when I wrote about the Zero Point Field, we create our own reality.  The focus here is “consciousness is the prime foundaton of reality”.  Ergo ” is this not a way of saying the same thing?”

About every 50 or so years we intelligencia have  a mad urge to explain ourselves in relation to our concepts of what is and what might be.  The arena usually becomes as the essays point out, “Circular debates ending in belief system statements.”  Of course, this leaves them open-ended so we can continue endlessly.

It is written that “The Chasm that had been opened between scientific material universal consciousness; a dead mechanical universe vs. a living universe is being closed!  The change in thinking leads towards a mechanical universe (shades of 1984) vs. God.  And, during the last 300-400 years we’ve grown up along with our science to appreciate science and spirituality

To paraphrase Poincare: logic, therefore, remains barren until awakened by intuition. Quantum physics was the next leap led by such great minds as Einstein and Bohm.  Part of their discoveries was that the observer affects the observed:  “The iceberg in the ocean only appears separate from the sea.”

With the philosophy essays are, “Part of a new paradign realization process will be the continued rift between science and spirituality.  As one stumbles through long words and obtuse phrases, it smells of creativism, positurst reductionism, a “lifeless universe” and that lonely feeling that makes your stomuch hurt.

PSI is very slowly being accepted into mainstream studies as a measuring device.  Don Carroll, who summarized the book wrote “(We) need to name and measure which has its purpose, but as we are warned … “science is based on osbservation, and if science cannot measure, and observe repeatedly, the events are considered suspect.’

Trish Pfeiffer and John E. Mack, MD edited Mind Before Matter.  My brain is still maturing, but I applaud another “Thinking Man’s Book”.  Well done.