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July 2009, Page 2


If you are reading this on Sunday morning, anytime between 8 am – 12pm Eastern Time, or 6 am – 10 am Mountain Time (the time zone that I’m in), then I am currently running the first marathon I’ve ever run in my life.… Read the rest

Seismic Test of Seven-Story Building

NEESWood_Capstone_BuildingNewswise — A destructive earthquake will strike a lone, wooden condominium in Japan next week, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Professor Michael Symans will be on site to watch it happen.

Symans is among the team of researchers who will converge in the Japanese city of Miki to perform the largest earthquake simulation ever attempted on a wooden structure.… Read the rest

Climate Declaration To Get Global Boost

Today’s Wall Street Journal Reports:

The U.S., European Union and 12 of the world’s largest nations plan to embrace “an aspirational goal” of reducing emissions of global-warming gases by 50% by 2050, according to a draft declaration by world leaders set for release next week in Italy.… Read the rest

If Chickens Ruled the World

Some people may think that chickens are stupid and harmless birds. These people have never observed chicken behavior on a close level.  Yesterday two of our six hens hatched out some baby chicks for the first time ever. The other hens proceeded to tear one of the chicks limb from limb in a vicious attack, before we were able to rescue it.… Read the rest


Many of you know that my son, Charlie, and I are sci-fi buffs.  It’s my fault having been a died-in-the-wool fan of Flash Gordon as a child attending Saturday matinees at the Tivoli Theatre in St. Louis.

Recently, Charlie drew my attention to The Crystal Star which he calls “a knock off” of ‘Star Wars’. … Read the rest

Iranian-American Scholar Posts Daily Updates

Newswise — As millions of ordinary Iranians took their political protests into the streets and on to the World Wide Web via cell phones, YouTube and Twitter, much of the world was getting its first unvarnished look at a complex and diverse society that may be quite different than the one often painted by Western news media, suggests an Iranian-American scholar at Washington University in St.… Read the rest