Permaculture: Picture Essay

Today, we bring you a brief pictorial sampling of the Permaculture web presence. Each of the images links to the website where the cool picture was found. This is not a comprehensive collection of Permaculture sites, but a random sampling from some of the coolest images I found while combing the results of a Google Image search.

Circles, curves, nested spheres, spirals and rounded edges indicate an organic harmony with our big blue and green planet in these photos, designs and logos. Thanks to Google Image search, and to the Permaculture blogosphere for sharing their ideas about sustainable living and, even more importantly – how it can and is being done- with the world.

Why Learn Permaculture? From Ukiah Community Blog










Design. Build. Live. A Sustainable Learning Center.














Love and Wild Honey
















Permaculture Design – Vinod Permaculture Blog














Cob and underground house –













Permaculture Global Design Templates –

















Western Canada Woodland Convergence 2012


























Romanian Permaculture Workshop
















We Are All Farmers Permaculture Institute


















San Diego Sustainable Living Institute