Secret Space Colonization Revealed in Popular Video

Somehow Hollywood always seems to be making one point … even when they say it is something else. Take, for example, the exemplary sci-fi music video by It’s Always a Good Time‘s Owl City.  It has beautiful cinematography, awesome costumes and is set in a dramatically presented people-free Earth.

Watch it here:

Pretty awesome, right?  Where have the people all gone? Mr Owl City says “These two guys are leaving Earth, and rather than it being this very-dark post-apocalyptic vibe, it’s very optimistic. So it’s like people are excited to leave Earth.”


But take another look at this video. Why are these guys wearing environment suits on Earth?  And why are they sampling the air and water, soil and plant life?  Where are the animals that would swiftly appear to eat the trash left behind?  Did everybody leave Earth? Why?  Something is very wrong here, no matter what the Owl may hoot!  Folks were in such a hurry to get out they did not even pick up their mess.

Hale University’s Dr. Don Von Icken suggests “the Illuminati Astrati conspiracy to trash the planet and leave for the stars is well documented in popular media.”  He notes that the “Royal Diner” and “Medical Supplies”  signs have obvious implications and of course points out the skulls discreetly pasted on the side of the news boxes and the horn-like tubes on the space helmets.

“Where was I when the rockets came to life and carried you away?” ask the lyrics. “Keep your eyes shut!” comes the reply.