Art Heist in Rotterdam


Yours truly is vacationing – location not disclosed but I promise you it’s not Rotterdam! Sending out a quick postcard to let you know about a major art heist in The Netherlands on Tuesday. Thieves made away from the Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam with seven works by modern masters including Picasso, Gaugin and Monet.

Click on the picture below for the link to the Slate News Channel video about the heist.

Girl in Front of Open Window – Paul Gauguin

The thieves won’t get far on the black market for these paintings, since Interpol has issued an alert for them. There is some speculation that they were handpicked, perhaps in repayment of an underworld debt. Museum security was all electronic and did not include any human guards, and the architecture of the museum allowed free access to all galleries, so thieves had plenty of uninterrupted time to get away with the stolen art. Lots of buzz in the art world about this latest heist, with comparisons to “Ocean’s Eleven” and “The Thomas Crowne Affair”. Juicy stuff!

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