Illumination in 60 seconds

Dearest Thirsty,

Having returned from vacation in which I and my sweet man reveled in the debaucheries of our undisclosed location (NOT Rotterdam, I assure you. Many things I may be, an art thief is not among my faults), I found myself having returned to the workaday world feeling decidedly dull and in need of some cultural edification.

Only ten years ago, I would have sought learning at an institution with soaring buttresses and pontificators in long black robes. Luckily for me – and therefore you – I stumbled upon the ultimate  way for all of us to become more intelligent, cultured and able to spout utterly useless factoids at our favorite upcoming costume parties.

As the sun clears the tree line on our new millenium, we now have Open University to elucidate our minds. There are of course, lots of online universities. However, what OU has that I’ve not seen elsewhere is 60 second adventures in learning on all kinds of subjects- 10 minutes in 10 60 second lessons and you’ll have the History of the English Language under your belt, just to name one!  Economics and Religion too.

So the next time you are feeling like your education is incomplete, or if you need a superfluous factoid as you decide between the wig and the tophat, check out OU’s free 60 second courses at YouTube. Get started here, with my best wishes for your continued illumination:

You know who loves you,


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