Diver Saves Dolphin

It’s no “Man Bites Dog” April Fooling, folks, this story is real!

I grew up on a sailboat, and my family owned a SCUBA dive company in the Virgin Islands, but I have never even hear of, much less seen anything like this dramatic “rescue” of a bottle nose dolphin by a diver.  Caught in a hook and fishing line, this unlucky dolphin was lucky enough to ask these professional night divers for a little assistance.  Watch this amazing video and see how it happened. Thanks to Martina, the amazing photographer and to Keller Laros,  the diver who acted so kindly.

Here is more from the divers’ web site:

On January 11, 2013 a Bottlenose Dolphin was rescued from entanglement during the Manta Ray dive at “Manta Heaven.”

Check out the video of this incredible moment: truly breath-taking, inspiring and providing the message that the world needs!
Below you will also find some thoughts from Martina Wing, the camera person along with some of her favorite comments that viewers submitted on YouTube.

Some thoughts from Martina, the video photographer of this special moment:

“As I was filming the encounter, I knew something very unusual was unfolding before me. I stayed concentrated the entire time, so that everyone would be able to enjoy this very special interaction of an ocean creature with a human.

I was very surprised at how patiently the dolphin was with the time it took for the “rescue” and also that it didn’t seem to mind all the lights being pointed at it. The dolphin was definitely stressed out by the entanglement, but at the same time intelligent enough to realize that the “bubble-blowing creatures” were the “solution” to its problem.

I was astonished to observe how the dolphin actively participated, by turning it’s body to a better position so that my lights were illuminating the best possible angle, helping the diver to see what he was doing (and for me to film.)

When it was all over and the dolphin swam away, my breathing rate was so rapid. I couldn’t believe what had happened and I wanted to share this with everyone. Nevertheless, I still had to finish the dive and continued filming the Manta Rays and other divers. At some point, I swam up to the rescue diver and we “High Fived!”

After the dive was over, I was so excited and couldn’t stop talking. I displayed the video immediately after our arrival at the harbor, showing it to many people. No one believed what had just happened, but it was all caught on tape. SPECTACULAR!!

I believed that this video would go “viral.”
Some people suggested I edit the clip to shorten it so it would have a better chance for more clicks, but I was convinced the video segment should be seen in its entirety so as to avoid misinterpretation.
As it now stands, the video has accumulated over 2.5 million hits on YouTube! A testament to the uniqueness of the subject matter. It is also very unusual for a clip this long to accumulate so many views.

The second week after we uploaded the video, my phone did not stop ringing:
CNNCBSBBC UK, FoxNews, ABC with Diane Sawyer, Good Morning America, KITVKHON2Associated PressReuters, several German TV stations, etc. plus all kinds of media requests via email.  It was the craziest week of my life. AWESOME!

We also received a very special gift from a 6-year old girl named Annabelle. Check it out here

We are a small production company in Hawaii which specializes in the photography of Manta Rays and Dolphins. Our company’s mission statement is: “Inspiring, educating and transforming public consciousness with stunning imagery“.  We feel we have delivered. We are astonished, humbled and grateful with the overwhelmingly positive response we have received from all over the world. We are pleased and thankful that the video imagery has touched so many lives.”

With Aloha
Martina Wing