Searching the Twitterverse

Many of my customers say they have no time to tweet.  That may be so, but Twitter can be very useful for a business researcher/lurker!  I am not much for following famous or political people myself.  And I really hate to be force-fed information of any kind. Furthermore, the endless stream of posts with no way to mark them “DONE” is enough to drive me bonkers! (I like to read down to find there is an end to the page, thank you.  I want to feel like I have seen it all.  There is something to be said for granting a sense of achievement to your readers.)

But there is much to be learned from Twitter. What is a poor lad to do?  Well, there is no obligation to follow or tweet, so even if you don’t want to get into the whole “community building” aspect it is easy enough to get a user name and password to log in.  Then you can search the Twitterverse and listen in.  There truly is much to be learned!

So many people and businesses do pump random data into the banks of Twitter that it works like an opinion search engine.  Of course there is a mountain – nay a galactic nebula – of ridiculousness, idle chatter and plain old rudeness. But along with that feeling of casual expression comes some interesting insights into people and many other nouns.

As gossip hubs and wasters of time, Twitter feeds can be top of the line! But on the flipside, the Twitterverse can offer unique information for business research.  You should lurk on over and check it out. It takes thirty seconds to sign up, and even if you never turn into a full fledged Twit you can have a little fun and feel like you have expanded your technical horizons by a few feet – or is that “tweets”?