Ganymede Auditions

Eos & Ganymede vie to pleasure Pan!
Eos & Ganymede vie to pleasure Pan!

Hey everybody, it’s time to return to Olympus!  My play Ganymede will be produced again this year, directed by Crystal Solana Bryan at Studio@620 in downtown St Petersburg.  Auditions will be held at American Stage Theater on April 29 at 6 PM.    The Cast of Characters includes:

Ganymede, once a human prince
Pan, goat-legged god of fecundity
Hebe, royal princess of Olympus
Eos, nymphomaniac goddess of dawn
Pollux, twin of Castor
Castor, twin of Pollux
Chronos/Zeus, elder gods
Eris, goddess of discord
Bacchus, god of the par-tay!

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