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April 2013, Page 2

Femen’s Topless Jihad

Wow! Hordes of topless women with slogans painted across their chests as members of Ukrainian feminist group Femen staged protests across Europe. They called for a “topless jihad” and The Atlantic has a bunch of highly entertaining photos of the semi-naked protesters and the police who had to, um, man-handle them!… Read the rest

Bubba’s Hovercart

As if golfing was not ridiculous enough – chasing after a ball just to bonk it away again – here comes a hover-cart to make it even sillier.  Or is that funner?  Either way, you will want to see this machine that just floats over the beautifully cut grass and perfect little traps.  … Read the rest

Family Fun at Nature’s Academy

Let’s go kayak and explore the seashore!  Nature’s Academy takes the classroom outdoors, eco-educating city kids – some of whom have never even seen the beach, although it may be just a few miles away!  Sustany gave the founder Dana Pounds some funding and guidance to help them get set up.  … Read the rest

Daniel McGowan Jailed, Allegedly For Writing Huffington Post Blog

Mind what you write when you have pissed off the federal government, because according to this article in the Huffington Post, you can go to prison for your words!

The federal government on Thursday jailed Earth Liberation Front activist Daniel McGowan in response to an article he wrote for The Huffington Post, his wife Jenny Synan said.

Read the rest

Wild Friday: Atlantis Found on Google Earth

Most everybody knows I was an archaeologist in a past life, so it should be no surprise that I have found Atlantis!  Well, I think we have good evidence of a sunken city near the Canary Islands, anyways.   We know satellite images have revealed hidden river beds and pyramids under the sand, so why not under the water?  … Read the rest

Ganymede Auditions

Hey everybody, it’s time to return to Olympus!  My play Ganymede will be produced again this year, directed by Crystal Solana Bryan at Studio@620 in downtown St Petersburg.  Auditions will be held at American Stage Theater on April 29 at 6 PM.  Read the rest

Were Not Broke Movie

I pay my taxes, why doesn’t Verizon/Pfiser/Bank of America?  Watch the documentary We’re Not Broke  and see why we are just not looking in the right place for the money we need to run the world!  From Europe to the US mega-corporations rule the market but then launder their tax bill in the West Indies, leaving the little guy holding the tax bag.  … Read the rest

Searching the Twitterverse

Many of my customers say they have no time to tweet.  That may be so, but Twitter can be very useful for a business researcher/lurker!  I am not much for following famous or political people myself.  And I really hate to be force-fed information of any kind.… Read the rest

Diver Saves Dolphin

It’s no “Man Bites Dog” April Fooling, folks, this story is real!

I grew up on a sailboat, and my family owned a SCUBA dive company in the Virgin Islands, but I have never even hear of, much less seen anything like this dramatic “rescue” of a bottle nose dolphin by a diver.  … Read the rest