Report on World Human Rights

wr2013_greece_missingFree Speech and Minority Rights are still huge struggles worldwide, according to the 2013 Report from Human Rights Watch.

In addition to the Keynote summaries of flash-points and progress, there is a  photo essay component focused “on the experiences of what appear to be three very different groups of people—migrants and asylum seekers in Greece, people with disabilities in Russia, and adults and children living in, and working around, gold mines in Nigeria’s Zamfara State. Yet all suffer from lack of legal protections and from a range of abuses that impact their health, their full participation in society, and other fundamental human rights.”

Disturbing and heartwarming, sickening and delightful … the photos are a sobering reminder of the work yet to be done.

Inreview # 6:  Fatima Adam - in the report we use the name Saadia - Somalia