Why Apps Are Doomed

“Oh no, not that again!”  This was my first reaction to hearing about “Aps” on smartphones and pads.  Hadn’t we already been down that ugly-ass road?

Mini-programs, or applications, aps gave additional functionality to your palm pilot.  (Ah those were the days!) But most aps were stupid, tiny things done much better by a website and browser. Aps require constant updating and leave much to be desired. And did I mention the ugly ads?

Once palm got a decent browser, that was the end of aps for me. Or so I thought!  Five plus years later and the new rulers of handheld computing Apple has purposely crippled the Flashy functionality of the web, forcing folks into making and marketing proprietary aps, and forcing users to buy even more deeply into the brand and the platform.  The same goes for the box under my TV. Why all the Youtube, Netflix, Offbrand aps?  Why not just a browser that works and a bit of processing power?  Just like desktop gadgets, once the web is set free, aps are doomed to fail.