Shaving Psychic Piglets

Shaving a piglet: lots of screaming and not much wool.
Shaving a piglet: lots of screaming and not much wool.

Putin called demands for Snowden’s extradition “shaving a piglet: lots of squealing and not much wool!” I would suggest there are piglets all over – even a psychic one!

First let us consider that despite the current political atmosphere humans are indeed evolving as we are taught in school.  Things change, ideas change, the environment evolves and so do we. But only after screaming about it like so many piglets.

Our screams, ie: voicemail/email/IM/even gestures in public arguably contain much noise and little useful content, yet we know now it is all being carded for wool.

For pointing this out one man has now become the focus for the piglets of Putin’s aphorism. Squee! Politicians, media, sheeple (or are they now more aptly called “squee-ple”?) all cry out in terror and yet no wool at all.

The only actual wool it seems is now uncovering our eyes: the revelation of news that heralds the evolution of society, one way or the other. Few squeeple seem squeamish at the new meme. So what? They shrug it off and continue grazing.

But among that flock of mindless eaters are those who really would think and grow and move humanity towards actual humanity. And if all communication is observed by the wolf (I mean shepherd … or is it pig farmer?) wee piggies will have to become psychic and use telepathy to find privacy and solidarity.

Last week everyone doubted anything like PRISN (sic!) was real. Now we know.  So if evolution is real, and so is ESP, won’t some us surely evolve into psychic pigs?  Or am I just squealing for wool?