Understanding Fukushima

Two days after the disaster at Fukushima I noted to my pre-dawn jogging partner that we were traipsing through radioactive drizzle. Pish tosh came the reply, but the news reporters had it right: radiation affects us all! Learn the details, dangers and what you can do about it at FukushimaResponse.org

The four nuclear reactors devastated by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011 continue to pose a grave risk to people and the environment around the world, including the United States. Another significant quake, for example, could cause the spent fuel rods in Unit 4 to become exposed, igniting a catastrophic global fire. Seismologists say such an earthquake occurring in the near future is a certainty. The radioactive fire that would start if Unit 4 collapses, however, is one we don’t know how to put out. Meanwhile, radioactive material from Units 1, 2 and 3 continue to leak into the Pacific Ocean at ever increasing rates.

via FukushimaResponse.org