St. Pete Police Batmobiles?

Techie Tuesday: St. Pete cops have tracking device launchers on their cars now! No speed chase needed when GPS will tell the Eye in The Sky where the criminals fly!  After 39 recent chases resulting in 21 crashes local law wants alternatives.   The makers of StarChase says tagged criminals will slow down when the police stop the chase.  Perhaps.  But the current version is not yet ready for the Batmobile – or even the local constabulary. See it in the video: barely a t-shirt cannon with sticky gobs that failed twice when trying to hit a parked cop car in the demo.  I guess they will have to upgrade to actual bullets with GPS tips. They are probably cheaper than the $500 per goobiegob.

And as Chris Matyszczyk at CNET says “won’t it be fun to see police car grills open up and bullets being shot out of them?”  Um. No, Chris. I don’t like that idea one bit.