Who’s The Pervert: Gays or “Playahs”?

It’s hard to believe the ignorance until one really sits down and considers the source.  The first Latino Bachelor says gays are perverts as he shakes his ass and treats women like cheap meat on a television show he wouldn’t even let his daughter watch!

According to TheTVPage.com, Juan Pablo Galavis — the former Venezuelan soccer player, who is now romancing 27 young ladies on ABC’s hit reality show, “The Bachelor” — has some strong opinions about gays. In response to a question at a network party, on Friday Galavis told the website’s editor, Sean Daly that he didn’t think it would be good for the show to feature a bachelor who was gay or bisexual.  Where he explains his reasons for feeling this way. He starts off by saying, “I don’t think it is a good example for kids to watch that on TV.”

A good example for kids? Has Galavis ever watched the show he’s on? You have 27 young ladies backstabbing and preening and scheming to get close to a bachelor and get a red rose, and, they hope — an engagement ring. Along the way, they proclaim that they’ve fallen madly in love with and want to spend the rest of their lives with this person they’ve known for all of 45 minutes, when what they want most is to beat out the other women and win the contest. Is this a good example for kids? He says no. “The show is very racy as it is and I don’t let my 5-year-old daughter watch it.”Finally, Galavis said, “there’s this thing about gay people … it seems to me, and I don’t know if I’m mistaken or not … but they’re more ‘pervert’ in a sense. And to me the show would be too strong … too hard to watch.”

Ick! This is too hard to listen to. What’s more “pervert” — romancing and smooth-talking a couple dozen women, in and out of hot tubs, or a loving and monogamous same-sex relationship?

You can read more about this and view a video commentary on the original article from CNN.

A gay Bachelor would never do this...
A gay Bachelor would never do this…