Techie Tuesday: Science Guy vs. Creationism Curator

Steve says “here’s a story for the science day.” Bill Nye of Science Guy TV fame went mano a mano against  Creationist Museum owner Ken Ham, who believes the world is 6,000 years old and defends the book of Genesis.

“I believe the word ‘science’ has been hijacked by secularists,” Ham charged. While fudging on whether he believes everything in the Bible is literally true, Ham argued:  “Creation is the only viable model of historical science.”  Later, Ham doubled down to say:  “Any scientist out there in any endeavor is using creation.”

As Ham based his entire argument on the assumption that Earth is only 6,000 years old, Nye spoke about a tree called Old Tjikko. “Scientists who carbon dated one of the world’s oldest trees — a Norway spruce located in, oddly enough, Sweden — and said it was 9,550 years old.  Nye asked: “How could these trees be there if there was an enormous flood 4,000 years ago?”

Sigh, nearly a hundred years after the Scopes Trial and we still have this debate making headlines.  Sometimes the revolution is slow indeed!