Wild Friday: Wearing Google Glass May Get You Arrested!

You can’t even get a Google Glass yet, and maybe you don’t want to!  It could get you arrested like a fellow who was nabbed by ICE half way through a film in Columbus, Ohio.  He says “a guy comes near my seat, shoves a badge that had some sort of a shield on it, yanks the Google Glass off my face and says ‘follow me outside immediately’”.

“After a long time somebody came with a laptop and an USB cable at which point he told me it was my last chance to come clean. I repeated for the hundredth time there is nothing to come clean about and this is a big misunderstanding so the [ICE officer] finally connected my Glass to the computer, downloaded all my personal photos and started going though them one by one … Then they went through my phone, and five minutes later they concluded I had done nothing wrong.”

Homeland security has confirmed the incident did take place. Khaalid Walls, a spokesperson for ICE, said, “Local authorities briefly interviewed a man suspected of using an electronic recording device to record a film at an AMC theater in Columbus.  The man, who voluntarily answered questions, confirmed to authorities that the suspected recording device was also a pair of prescription eye glasses in which the recording function had been inactive. No further action was taken.”

Learn more about Google Glass getting people into trouble, and everything else you wanted to know at this site, and be sure to give them flowery answers to the obnoxious survey!  They say Google Glass will be released to the general public this summer for $399, but there may not be much to see according to this article.  Google Glassholes, beware!  Your google just might turn around and bite you in the … glass!