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March 2014, Page 2

Thirsty Thursday: Full Frontal Sonic Circus

Here is another 3 minute radio comedy from Cosmic Significance. In this web-extra Sal Sonic (Elizabeth Brackman) interviews Media Man Sam (yours truly) as he manipulates the Massive Media to put ideas into your head.  How does it work?  “Why, just help me attach these testicular electrodes to the info net and ….”  Well, be warned: your own imagination could get awfully naughty.… Read the rest

Techy Tuesday: How Mobile Technology Changed The Gaming Industry

by Caitlyn Williams

Carrying almost the same power as our personal computers (PCs), smartphones and tablets have shown a significant increase in performance to be able to run our favorite graphic-intensive and processor-hungry games. Today, we have smart devices that have the similar 64-bit performance as our laptops and PCs, thus some of the highly praised online, mobile app, and software game developers have chosen to make their titles responsive to fit the small screens of devices.… Read the rest

Wild Friday: TV Ads for Marijuana

See the first ad for pot. This marijuana commercial supposedly debuts on a major network and is produced by, a site that books medical appointments. They don’t say when or where you will see this ad on mainstream TV and maybe it is for the best.… Read the rest

Thirsty Thursday: Sonic Shakespeare

In this Sonic Circus web extra Sam and Sal are joined by William Shakespeare and a host of would be impostors. Written by Elizabeth Brackman and edited by Dave Lass this audio short stars Steve Davis-Thompson, Clinton Lancaster and Joe Montalto.… Read the rest

WorldWide Wednesday: Earth, The Operator’s Manual

This documentary asks: if an operator’s manual helps your car or computer to run at peak performance, can Earth science do the same for the planet? Richard Alley takes viewers from New Zealand to New Orleans telling the story of Earth’s climate history and our relationship with fossil fuels.… Read the rest

Mother Earth Monday: Humans Free Drowning Whale from Nets

Save the whales – one at a time! This young humpback whale was caught in a huge fishing net and drowning when Michael Fishbach, co-founder of The Great Whale Conservancy encountered it. At first, the animal appeared to be dead, yet Fishbach investigated and quickly discovered that the poor creature was tangled. … Read the rest