Soapbox Saturday: What the 1% Think of You!

According to I Crashed a Wall Street Secret Society Party, the super rich like to put on dresses and then dis the masses.  It’s all in a night’s fun according to these bankster types.  “Young Money” is  Kevin Roose’s Wall Street exposé and truly bizarre tale of crashing the annual induction ceremony of the uber-secret Wall Street fraternity Kappa Beta Phi. Seeing the rich in “their natural environment,” it turns out, means an evening of bad jokes at the expense of the rest of us, throwing truffles at sophomoric musical skits, trashing “worthless neophytes” – young Wall Street wannabees – made to dress, for reasons that remain murky, in drag, and other exhibitions of the paranoid, incestuous, self-righteous mindset of a “fraternity of money” so socially isolated they can’t “see past the foie gras to the real world.”rich_a_560x375