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May 2014, Page 2

Techie Tuesday: Canary Island Now 100% Self Sufficient

With the opening of a new wind farm next month, El Hierro, population just over 10,000, will become the first island in the world to be fully energy self-sufficient through combined wind and water power. The five wind turbines will provide 11.5 megawatts of power, enough to meet the demand of the population and the desalination plants on this small crop of land off the coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean.… Read the rest

Wild Friday: Mind Reader’s Secret

So we all like to think that mind reading and other psychic powers are real, but here is a video that shows just how vulnerable we are to very pedestrian methods of learning the truth about people.  Can you guess how this mind reader knows so much about people he has never met – including their credit card numbers and sex life? … Read the rest

Techie Tuesday: Weather Control Lasers Are Real!

We can officially move Weather Control from Wild Friday to Techie Tuesday with the news that Florida researchers, with cash from the Defense Department, have built super-lasers that can induce rain.  According to this article “Water condensation and lightning activity in clouds are linked to large amounts of static charged particles.… Read the rest

Thirsty Thursday: Your heart lies are like bubbles

Now here is proof that all you need is a catchy hook because nobody really cares or pays attention to lyrics anyway. Bubble Pop is classic K-Pop by South Korean singer Kim Hyuna (also known as HYUNA, Hyuna, or HyunA according to the Great Wiki.) Do you think it matters if the song is intelligible when the only goal is to get you shaking your hips … in order to access your wallet and credit  card? … Read the rest