Dewey Davis-Thompson, Dramatists Guild Rep for West Florida

Gary Garrison, Executive Director of the Dramatists Guild of America has made this announcement to our DG Members in Florida:

For several years now we’ve been talking about how best to serve the needs of a writing community in Florida that is scattered geographically from one end of the state to another and is demographically one of the most diverse Guild member populations we have. The work we’ve done down in southern Florida doesn’t meet the needs of those writers, say, in the Orlando/Tampa/St. Petersburg area, and vice versa – not to mention those writers that don’t live near a major metropolitan area.

Through counsel with a number of artists in your state, we’ve decided to divide the state by Florida (East Coast) and Florida (West Coast) and to have regional reps for each of those populations. Dewey Davis-Thompson will be the Regional Rep for the west coast of Florida, while Andie Arthur will focus on the east coast.

To better address the 190 members in the state of Florida, both Dewey and Andie will work together to initiate programming, share ideas and work with the national office to bring you all the resources the Guild has to offer.  There will be east coast events, west coast events and state events. Because of the transient nature of the members in your area, you’ll always be notified of all events going on in the state through an official Guild e-blast with one or both regional reps listed.

We’re so looking forward to engaging the writing community in your area.

To learn more about the Dramatists Guild of America visit their web site here or call Dewey at 727-821-0434.