See My Play About Manatees at Tampaworks 2014

Tampaworks 2014 - Play Local

Stageworks and Tucker Hall is proud to present Tampaworks 2014 – Play Local.  Sponsored by Mercury Advisors and the Simon Family.  To purchase tickets, click on the links below.

Selected Plays

“Duck” by Sheila Cowley — 1M, 1W — Charming story of a married couple trying to clear many years’ accumulation out of what was supposed to be a guest room in their south Tampa home. They struggle to identify most of the junk and remember the stories attached to them. The husband finds his old Gasparilla page boy costume. As in “Garageworks,” there is a satisfying sentimental ending.

“Garageworks” by Philip Hall — 1M, 1W — Clever tale of a man trying to pay at the Grand Central/Stageworks parking garage and the automated machine at the entrance who is female and rather judgmental. Funny, wise, with a charming, unexpected ending.

“Another Day in Paradise” by Matt Cowley — 2M, 1F — A backstage tour of the Palladium Theatre turns macabre when one of the stops is a portal to hell, and the tourist is a lonely man still longing for his long-dead, murderous wife.

“Sinking” by Lil Barcaski — 1M, 3W — Very entertaining play about the reaction to a huge sinkhole opening up in a Dunedin neighborhood. Sharp commentary on modern friendship, social media, and Florida real estate.

“The Manatees’ Tale of Extinction” by Dewey Davis-Thompson — 2M, 2W, 1 Child, 1M or F — Environmental fable of a family of Tampa Bay manatees, their shark friend, and two “who-mans.” In this story, nature strikes back at the humans who have been degrading the environment. A cautionary tale that is quite entertaining.

“Tampa Love Bugs” by Mike Matteo — 1M, 1F — Two love bugs tour the Tampa area, ending up at Stageworks Theatre’s production of TampaWorks, making humorous remarks about all the communities they pass through.

“A Dale Mabry Romance” by Jim Rayfield — 1M, 1F — Very short (about four minutes) tale of road rage and how it backfires when a high-strung swain flips off the wrong driver.

“Tampa: Built on Pennies” by Jaime O’Brien — 1M, 1W, Extras — More a tone poem than a play, a woman looks back on her father’s bar in 1975 and how her father collected change in a jar to pay for her college.

“Fireball” by Jeanne Adams — 1W — Quirky short (2-minute) monologue in which a Davis Islands woman describes her encounter with a (sentient?) atmospheric disturbance.