Mother Earth Monday: World Lion Day

Lion-whisperer-Kevin-Richardson-Globovision-CC-flickr-700x357We all love big cats, but few of us love them like Kevin Richardson aka The Lion Whisperer.  In celebration of World Lion Day, August 10, I share this video about one man who is also loved back by lions. says Kevin Richardson  has worked with lions for 16 years and interacted with some of the animals since their birth on his Game Reserve near Johannesburg.

Kevin uses love, understanding and trust to develop personal bonds with them while learning what makes each of them angry, happy, upset, or irritated — just like a mother understands a child. Today they accept him as one of their own.

His book appropriately named, Part of the Pride, details his work over the years with the large carnivores.

Visit to get involved and stay informed. (Photo by Globovision shared via CC license)