Soapbox Saturday: From Prohibition to Pot, Communists and ISIS – How the Propaganda War Works

We all wanna get the bad guys, so the trick is to define who the bad guys really are!  Government propagandists have pointed at boozers, then stoners and commies, and now religious nuts, keeping the whack-a-mole focus right where they want it as they line the pockets of Haliburton, et al with $50 per cup of coffee and other swindles on the American public.

In his article A Trillion Ways To Build a New Military Industrial Complex Bob Hennelly says that in January 2001 Senators Rudman and Hart concluded that it was not a matter of “if” the U.S. would suffer a mass-casualty terrorist strike but “when”  and recommended the massive integration of domestic security and disaster response  into the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). So WWW goes on to note that:

After 9/11, President George W. Bush faithfully executed the Hart-Rudman blueprint and President Obama and the Congress have continued to commit hundreds of billions to it. And so it was that the envisioned “peace dividend” cutbacks—which the end of the Cold War was supposed to have brought to the defense budget (and the bottom line of defense contractors)— were buried for good.

By 2011, according to Brown University’s Costs of War Project, the total cost for post-9/11 Homeland Security had already reached $649 billion and annual spending since then is running at about $70 billion a year.

At that rate, the price tag for the entire post 9/11 Homeland Security domestic undertaking is only a year or two away from reaching a trillion dollars. So what’s the return been on that investment?

Find out in A Trillion Ways To Build a New Military Industrial Complex!